80 Inches?

Almost sounds like a bad porn movie–maybe a good one. I guess that depends on your tastes.

But its actually the aggressive possibility of total snow acummulation for my area before the end of Wednesday. Let you know tomorrow.

I have already swept 5, 10, and now 5+ more inches of snow of the porch. I did the driveway partway as well. My thinking is that I can easily shovel 12 inches twice rather than 24 inches once. Not sure that thinking holds much power in the face of 80 inches.

I am learning the downside to being able to work from home. Sure you don’t have to drive all the way into work, but you also don’t have to drive all the way into work to work. On top of that, I have a lovely battery back up/surge protector. The 7 blink outs today have not been a problem either.

Ah well….

The second installment of my Tuesday writing class is snowed out. Not sure if I am supposed to send out my submission via email or wait till next week. I sent email to the instructor, but haven’t heard back yet. I may just send it out and not sweat it.

I am quite excited about the story now. I came up with a way to avoid the problem I was having with how to procede. I wish I didn’t have to use the word avoid, but its the truth. The thing just wasn’t going anywhere the way I had it in my head.

This new direction will be fun too. Suddenly I have an excuse for some of the other stuff I have written. Feels very full-circley.

If I could just get this work monkey off my back I feel like I could dive right in.

Soon, soon.