Class Starts

I seem to be able to pull off a weekly update of this page. Hope none of you not reading this mind too much. This is going to be a busy week so I doubt I will be back for more till the weekend.

Got drunk Friday and Saturday night. Wasn’t so hard a hangover on the first day – mostly liquor. But waking up Sunday was a bit tougher since we had wine, sake, scotch, beer, and food. Getting old.

Sunday was taken up with a long Mass and a trip to the cathedral. I had never been there and it was quite an experience. Need to get down there and take a few more pictures during the morning hours. Good lighting.

This week I start my novel writing class on Tuesday. This should be interesting. Though no one has said otherwise, I am pre-suspicious that a fantasy novel isn’t the kind of thing they are looking for, so I will have to come up with something more mainstream. I have already started down that path so it shouldn’t be too hard. Just need to remember to get those hours in.