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I’ve been doing reporting for many many years.  It’s a niche skill I picked up back when the IT world would hire anyone with a heartbeat.  It’s a skill I have taught to many others in the time since.  I just came across Izenda (EYE-zenda) earlier today.

There is cool stuff in here that I wouldn’t have expected to see in such nicely priced reporting tool–from free to just under $10k.  Surprisingly from the comparison chart not a huge differences in features between the high and low end.  Mostly the more expensive version was for unlimited users and all the bells and whistles.

Most of you’ll want to dive right into the sign-up free demo of the product, but I watched the short video before getting my feet wet.

Izenda Ad Hoc will do all the things you’d expect of a reporting tool: add and join your tables for you, allow you to add fields, sort and group those fields, filter out unneeded data, and create charts.  But where it exceeds other tools I have used is in it’s array of filtering logic available data and  you get an optional drop down of the values in the field you’d be filtering on.  Other tools I have seen you basically have to guess what might be in a field before hand.

Did I mention it’s online!  The above would be cool if it was an installed client application, but on top of all that it’s online.  Tres Web 2.0.

I am going to check out the 8 different export file types later on.  Well, maybe not all 8.

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  1. @Skip

    Well, I dropped the ball.

    As I recall, this was one of my foray posts with PayPerPost and I ended up not digging deeper following this write-up. That said, I should mention for all the PPP haters out there that I have been very exclusive in what I wrote about via that system. To prove it I let this blog stagnate for months.

    The trouble here is that I am not the decision maker for the company I work for and barely able to provide any influence despite my “years and years” of experience. Additionally, I don’t really have any personal reporting needs for me to exercise the tool.

    That said, I think I will try to dig into this again–see what I can find. I may have more time this time.

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