Why Backpack Continues to Rock

I shared several month’s ago that I had signed on to Backpack and was loving it.  I have since that time bought in at the first paid rung and been using it daily.  Today it got better.  Not because of anything 37 Signals did, but because of what they allow others to do.

I don’t do anything special with Backpack I suppose–there are others more creative and dedicated than I.  But today I got a little alert telling me about a programmer that has used the Backpack API to let  folks to send mp3’s of phone calls to their Backpack.


For many years I have been just calling my answering machine to leave messages for myself: "Don’t forget you want to tape Friends.",  "That song you heard just now is by Nora Jones.", or "Drink water before you go to bed so you’re not as hung over tomorrow.".

Now I can leave and save those on the Internet instead.  And I can listen to them where ever and when ever I need–maybe not the drunk one.

Anyhow, my thanks to celltell for such a great mash-up.

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