Meat Coma

Like I said, nearly a week. Honestly, I don’t know where other people find the time to post to a blog everyday or even more frequently than that. I guess you have to be a student, not have a job, or be a bit needier than I am. Or maybe think that people are actually reading your stuff. Wouldn’t want to disappoint the ‘audience’.

Celebrated my birthday last night. To busy to do it on the actual day. Birthdays don’t really hold alot of excitement for me. I am not the type of person that hates birthdays–any excuse to get together with friends or go out on the town is fine by me. I just don’t really look forward to them in any sense. To some degree, I don’t even consider that I have an age.

Last night I went to bed with a meat coma and of course I woke up with the same. Hope this feeling doesn’t last all day–have too many things to do.

Livestock Show & Rodeo

Well, the long weekend has definately come to an end.

We did alot more than I had expected during this last visit to the in-laws. The rodeo was just the tip of the iceberg it turned out.

As always I forgot about the stockshow part. The rows and rows of cow asses were definately more fun with my young nephew. Plus we spent more timing climbing on tractors than usual with him.

This rodeo is so much quicker than the one on the 4th. Sometimes one event has barely stopped on one end of the arena when another starts up on the other. One cowboy did get slammed into a gate pretty hard–bareback I think. Another had an excellent (91) ride, but ended it but getting hung up in his wrap. He was ultimately kicked along the under arm and had to be walked out.

Robert Earl Keen played and was good. A nice apology for his crappy last album “Gravitational Forces”.

Saturday and Sunday were a whirlwind of seeing Grandad, watching movies, eating at a buffet with the cousins, and house hunting.


My Group

As jam packed as yesterday was, today is laid back.

Did 9 or so hours of work followed by some critique catch-up reading and a longer than normal meeting of my writing group.

I enjoy going to my writing group, but have the damndest time talking about it. Not talking about what happens or what we do or how I was critiqued this week, actually telling people what I am doing that night.

“I am going to my writing group.” -most acurate; sorta long winded
“I am going to group.” -short and technically true, but rife with alcoholic overtone
“I am going to writing.” -short, but clumsy
“I am going to class.” -not at all true, but in line with the feelings I have about the evening

Any thoughts?

6 Below Zero

Nice and cold today. When I looked at the temperature at 6 AM it was -6 F.

Ice crystals all over the trees and grass and ground. While waiting for The Dogs to finish their business I stood barefoot on the welcome mat and noticed how the porchlight was reflected back to me from various spots out in the darkness.

Of course, all that has melted off in the brilliant sun. And of course, that has all been replaced by clouds.

And still no new snow.

Tonight I have my writing group. They are critiquing the third submission I have had in nine months or so. Not looking forward to this one, since I did not really hit the ball out of the park. What is even worse, is that I think I am playing basketball.

Hopefully I can steal some more time and get this all worked out.

And We Have Snow…

Not such a bad day I suppose, but I am glad the work part of its done.

Worked all day to find some data and finally just resorted to asking everyone what I needed to know. It worked. Guess the shotgun is sometime mightier than the… well, it worked anyway.

Snow is finally falling on us too. The East Coast got a bunch lately, but it dodged us. Glad to see we are getting more. Maybe it will be the difference between the house burning down this summer and it not burning down.

Worked some last evening on my potential website. Screwing around with buttons, icons, and other such crap. I certainly don’t have the knack for it that others do, but maybe something good will come out if I mess with it long enough. We shall see.

Should get my act together and work on some of that Boston stuff. But I hardly ever feel guilty enough about that anymore.