Grout Grouch and Mud Girl

The adventure concludes this week.

Tonight the caulking; Thursday the sealing.

Which should leave us the balance of time to clean the garage and house in anticipation of our 5th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party (PCP5).

Looks to be a smaller tighter knit group this year. Returning partiers and close friends. Thus far the line up looks like 18+8; two adults for each child. With that kind of ratio nothing could go wrong.

We intend to have less candy laying around in unguarded areas. The beer will continue to be ungaurded–doubt we need to worry about that yet.

Finally… a Daughter

Yesterday I discovered that my first child would be a daughter.

Interestingly this comes as no real surprise to my wife or I. We had been staying neutral about the gender–not caring one way or the other–but figuring it would be a girl.

The Mother-in-Law said so.

The internet Chinese gender thing said so.

And then the ultrasound technician said so.

And it was good.

And it IS good.

Gives us twice as much time to come up with a name for her. And an easier gender to pick a name for if you ask me. More freedom to modify the spelling and more freedom to go out on the fringes without missing the point.

I have started incorporating what she will look like in this search. I think that having a vision of her as a baby, a child, and then and adult can only aide in the creation of a name.

But as yet we have not even started putting names to paper. I suspect there is no rush an that there will be late entries into the game even after we have narrowed it down to a few.

Should be fun.

Rodeo 2003

Ironically, as I get older and spend more and more time in the stands at the rodeo and less time drinking.

Sadly, so do the young CDs that have taken my place.

The Dinner

Had hoped to get around to mentioning that I was visiting my folks before now, but things have been busy.

Got together with nearly all the guys from the college days.

Actually it was quite a day of running around: lunch with my Father’s boss, over to the medical school to take a look at the crematorium, morgue, lecture hall, and simulation bodies.

THEN it was time for dinner.

Surprised by my Best Man’s new girlfriend. Surprised he had one and that she was less old than I might have expected.

Conversation at dinner was nothing more scintillating than than “Remember when we did that one thing?” and “What ever happened to so and so?”

Came back to the house and talked about the possibilities of starting a comic book store or a boutique movie theatre.

Bright Days

The light from the sun is its own thing and not just an attribute of others.

It hard to believe that I can place any kind of importance on work when today is such a wonderful day.

The aspens have filled out like the leaves were just waiting there in the stems and just needed to be pushed out tiny little apical holes. The grass is so high that I have lost both my cats.

Another indicator of the abundance of moisture so far this year – other than the lack of forest fires – is the slow depletion of my bird feeder. Last year at this time I could go through two tubes of black hlled sunflower seeds in a weekend. I think this current batch was out there before the last snow.