First Day of Summer

No, not technically the first day of summer. But the first day of summer according to longstanding American tradition.

And if you are from the UK no doubt you have already had issues with the idea of longstanding. Oh well…..

It looks to be a great summer. We have our finances worked out for the next 6 months or so and we have some loose planse for activities this summer. Need to tighten those up a bit I suppose.

Pumpkins, tomatoes, and various flowers and plants are either planted or re-planted. Thankfully, we had backup pumpkins.

Looking forward to this short week.

SQL is Killing Me

And quite honestly I don’t feel terribly obliged to explain why.

Suffice to say that one query shows me information. And another shows me information contradictory to the first. And I have no idea why. And everyone is busy.

Looks like I may have an anomaly or sorts.

And now the DB is down. Hope that wasn’t my fault.


Spent a great hour or so on the porch in the sun working. Rigged up a card table as a shade for my laptop. Really ought to get that deck chair and table set from Target.

Three Years

Yesterday my software company became three years old.

Last Wednesday marked the third year we have been in this home in the mountains.

And the dogs are both basically three.

Time to think about where the next three years are going to go–where I will be looking back from then. 2006.

Tough to head down this kind of path when you have no doubt it will be three years better than it is now. Even when things have sucked in my life; single, poor, directionless, etc. My life has always been good. Better than most. Its hard to truly be worried or even thoughtful when you love your life as much as I do.

Ah well…

“And we’re back…”

So I guess I should have bookmarked the login for this site.

In any case, it is now bookmarked and I will be able to more frequently return to this page for semi-regular-like updating of my blog.

How do you other people do this everyday?

Class Starts

I seem to be able to pull off a weekly update of this page. Hope none of you not reading this mind too much. This is going to be a busy week so I doubt I will be back for more till the weekend.

Got drunk Friday and Saturday night. Wasn’t so hard a hangover on the first day – mostly liquor. But waking up Sunday was a bit tougher since we had wine, sake, scotch, beer, and food. Getting old.

Sunday was taken up with a long Mass and a trip to the cathedral. I had never been there and it was quite an experience. Need to get down there and take a few more pictures during the morning hours. Good lighting.

This week I start my novel writing class on Tuesday. This should be interesting. Though no one has said otherwise, I am pre-suspicious that a fantasy novel isn’t the kind of thing they are looking for, so I will have to come up with something more mainstream. I have already started down that path so it shouldn’t be too hard. Just need to remember to get those hours in.