Amortization Spreadsheet and Graph

Cause you really can’t have enough tools to compare home loans.

I suspect if you are looking for one of these already, then you are likely to be able to ferret out all the nuances, but here are the main features of v1.0:

  • Displays 3 down-payment only amortization schedules
  • Displays 1 Combo or second loan (good for avoiding Mortgage Insurance (MI) or if you don’t have down-payment money)
  • Graphs the 4 loans by total cost
  • Calculates principle and interest payments
  • Estimates MI from an MI Factor value
  • Allows for estimated Tax and Insurance values
  • Tracks actual payments and check numbers
  • Recalculates P and I if your actual payment exceeds your PITI (principle, interest, tax, insurance) payment

Mortgage Comparisons.xls

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