It’s All Relative My Friend

I guess the whole point of 1000 Days is to get me writing. Ironic the content of this post isn’t appropriate for my regularly scheduled writing over there.

So many parallels exist between me and The Waiter that I was only completing the first sentence of his latest when I knew the story he’d tell.

“I’m Batman” is a line from probably every one of the Batman movies. I am certain the one he references is the first. Micheal Keaton’s unlikely Bruce Wayne stammers the line to a room recently emptied of Kim Basinger’s Vicki Vale. In so many ways that scene characterizes Batman for me. Wanting recognition for his secret action’s knowing he can’t go public or he risks continuing to do good.

I think lots of boys want to have a secret. They want to be Zorro or King Arthur or to have a hidden door or a red phone. It’s exhilarating to know something about yourself that other’s can’t know. Especially when deep inside you know it makes you just a little better (not humble). Boys grow up to be men and I doubt they cast aside their desires to be a hero–I haven’t.

Maybe in an alternate universe I am The Waiter.

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