The Epiphany That Led Me to Aikido

dojoOff and on for months a friend in Colorado talked up his judo renaissance. Not only does he attend adult classes, he instructs beginner level kids on Friday nights. He’s particularly proud of a video of cats he found duking it out. The grappling cat clearly kicks the striking cat’s ass—feline judo vs feline karate I guess. He enjoys it all.

I told him I thought about getting out and doing something physical. Working from home hasn’t been melting the pounds the way I’d initially expected.

In some non-judo related conversation I relayed an epiphany I’d had the evening before: heroes make decisions early. The person that jumps in front of a bus to push a toddler to safety doesn’t decide to do that an instant before leaping, they decide to do it earlier in the day or last week or a couple years back. It just happens that they were unable to act until the last minute.

His responded with, “You need to train in aikido.”

I can’t say I’ve discovered how these two things are related. Maybe that’s black belt stuff.

“Dojo by Night” by Dimmerswitch.

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