And We Have Snow…

Not such a bad day I suppose, but I am glad the work part of its done.

Worked all day to find some data and finally just resorted to asking everyone what I needed to know. It worked. Guess the shotgun is sometime mightier than the… well, it worked anyway.

Snow is finally falling on us too. The East Coast got a bunch lately, but it dodged us. Glad to see we are getting more. Maybe it will be the difference between the house burning down this summer and it not burning down.

Worked some last evening on my potential website. Screwing around with buttons, icons, and other such crap. I certainly don’t have the knack for it that others do, but maybe something good will come out if I mess with it long enough. We shall see.

Should get my act together and work on some of that Boston stuff. But I hardly ever feel guilty enough about that anymore.

V Day

And Friday finally concludes.

At least the work portion does. There is still dinner and likely a movie, but I should be able to handle that.

Today is Valentine’s day.
Nothing too special there. We both worked so much from home or together that it is not a surprise that we neither got cards or flowers for each other. Some weeks get like that. We are not much in the way of celebrators anyhow.

With any luck this weekend I will take a chunk of time to do some writing and get back into that habit. No good excuses left now that we are back from NZ, and the holidays and other traveling are over.

It looked and smelled like it was going to rain today. It snowed instead. A little.

Inagural Post

Since this blog appears to be working OK, I guess I might as well go ahead and start visiting regularly.

Had our fourth Rocky Flats Lounge get together tonight. Great wings! Next week will be the last one for Toney for the foreseeable future, since he will be retiring to take care of the Flower.

Nothing much going on otherwise.